About Us

Lara, Gabby, Diana, & Mia Pereira
Lara, Gabby, Diana, Mia Pereira


Juniper & Oak was founded with a passion for both style and environmental consciousness, the Pereira family has built a thriving business that combines fashion-forward trends with a commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. At Juniper & Oak, every item tells a unique story, as the shop specializes in reselling high-quality, pre-loved clothing, accessories, and home goods. By accepting consignment items from the local community, they actively encourage customers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by extending the lifespan of cherished items. We ensure each item is carefully inspected, cleaned, and beautifully displayed, creating a shopping experience that rivals  most upscale boutiques.
Diana Pereira, the owner of the business and her three daughters, Lara, Gabby, and Mia dedicated their time during the pandemic lockdown in 2020 to dream and create Juniper & Oak. Changing and shaping things as time went on they have created a space for themselves and the company in the community. Receiving recognition as the winner of Sabex 2022 New Business Award as well as nominations in NSBA 2023 New Business Venture Award and The Open Door Society's 2023 Newcomer Entrepreneur Award. They continue to create a fashion forward store that welcomes everyone to come and check out!

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