Why Sell With Us

There is no such thing as "away".

When we throw something away it must go somewhere.

(Annie Leonard)

Consign with us and get top dollar for your gently-used décor items, women's clothing, and accessories. We offer a multitude of marketing channels to help you sell your items including; a store for people to come in and see your pieces up close, as well as an online shop that is always open! 

Reasons You May Sell With Us

Self-Proclaimed Fashionista

  • You need to make room in your closet
  • You refuse to fill the landfills and want to make a few bucks
  • You invest in quality pieces that you bought with the intent to sell


  • Doing some decorating?
  • Cleaning out the closet, basement or attic?
  • Not up for a time consuming yard sale?

Let us do the work for you! Instead of holding a yard sale or listing items online to sell your treasures - be friendly to the environment and make a nice return on your perfectly wonderful unwanted items via consignment.


    • Are you in the process of moving?
    • Do you have too much going on during your move to be worried about finding a new home for the treasures you no longer want?

    Handling a Difficult Situation

    • Have you lost a loved one?
    • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
    • We can help you feel more at peace and make this difficult time more manageable for you and your family. Special arrangements can be made to help you through this.

      Whatever your reason call us at 306-933-2227 or email us at info@juniperandoak.ca to find out more and discuss consignment!


      How to Consign Your Designer Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, and Decor Items

      In order to best serve our consignors we have made the consignment process at Juniper & Oak very comfortable and efficient. If you would like to consign designer and luxury brand women's apparel at our shop please take a few moments to read how the consignment process works here at Juniper & Oak.

      Consignment Split and Payment

      Our consignment split is 50/50 (50 to the consignor and 50 to the store) on the net selling price for all other items. Consignors are paid on the 15th day of the proceeding month that the item is sold. Payments under $25.00 are not issued; they will be added to your payment when another item sells from your account. Consignor access and tagging fess are applied monthly or when items are sold. Credit card processing fees will be charged back to the consignor should your item be purchased by credit card.

      Arranging Consignment Appointment Based Drop Off

      At Juniper & Oak we strive in making the consignment process as simple and efficient for you as possible. Please book an appointment with us by calling (306)933-2227 or email us at consign@juniperandoak.ca 

      Preparing Your Items For Your Consignment Appointment

      • All gently-worn articles of clothing must be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned. Items should be wrinkle-free, freshly pressed, and either hung on hangers (preferably in garment bags) or neatly folded. All hangers and garment bags will be returned to you.
      • Leave any dry-cleaning tags on.
      • Clothing & apparel must be free of any stains, odours, discolouring, and noticeable signs of wear. Before your appointment make sure to thoroughly examine your clothing. Common reasons we must refuse items are due to deodorant stains, tiny holes, and unraveling seams.
      • We only accept items that are in pristine condition. Please make sure you check that your garments have no missing buttons, that all zippers work, that no hems are coming undone, that there are no holes in pockets, etc. We will also be examining your clothes for these possible problems as well during our inspection.
      • Leave price tags on unworn items. We may be able to sell them for you at a higher price point.

      Bringing Your Items to Juniper & Oak

      • All items should be brought in garment or dry-cleaning bags on hangers, or neatly folded in a flat-bottom shopping bag. For larger consignments, plastic totes and containers are also acceptable. All items used to transport your upscale apparel will be returned to you.

      During Your Appointment and After

      • During your appointment at Juniper & Oak we will review the consignment process with you and set you up as a consignor in our system. We will also complete the initial paperwork with you regarding how many pieces were brought in. After the paperwork is completed we will keep your items and review each piece and thoroughly examine every article of clothing or apparel you have brought to our shop and supply you with a comprehensive list of the items we will consign for you.  Through our Consignor Access Portal.
      • Our staff is very knowledgeable in both current and classic trends. Please trust in our judgement as to what will sell. This is not a reflection on your sense of style, but rather we know what our clientele is expecting and looking to purchase when shopping at our shop. We will contact within 3 days to discuss the results of our examination of your items.
      • Upon agreement of pieces to consign, you will be given instructions via email on how to review the status of all items you are consigning at our shop and you can come collect any items that we may not be consigning. If these items are not picked up in 7 days we will find a good use for your items. 

      Collecting Payment

      • As the consignor, you receive 50% of the selling price for each of your item(s) sold.
      • All payments over $25 for the previous month's sales will be mailed out by Juniper & Oak on or after the 15th day of the following month. No exceptions. This means, for example, if one of the items from your consignment sells in July, then you will receive your payment for that item after the 15th of August. Checks will be sent out via mail.
      • For your convenience, you will be able to view the status of your items and review your account online through our consignor access portal. A nominal ($1.00) fee is charged monthly for the portal and marketing channels used to market your goods.

      Unsold Merchandise

      • All items consigned at Juniper & Oak are displayed prominently in our showroom and online for a maximum of 90 days.
      • For luxury designer bags and certain highly desirable items the time period may be extended.
      • If it is the case that after 90 days your item has not been purchased, and  you have not picked up your unsold item 7 days after they have expired, then your item becomes the property of Juniper & Oak and we will see that your item is still put to a useful purpose, either donated or sold at our annual charity sale where the proceeds of these items will go to a local charity.

      Who Sets The Prices

      Our team has the knowledge and training to accurately price your items so that they sell as quickly as possible, while getting you the best return on your consignment. In order to assist us, we welcome you to provide us with any information or details you have regarding the original purchase or provenance.

      Consignor Early Pick Up

      Should a consignor wish to pick up any item prior to the termination of the contract a storage fee of 12% of the net selling price of the item will be charged and the fee must be paid prior to pick up.

      How Long Do You Keep My Pieces?

      Your items are consigned for 90-day period with an additional 30 day extension on select pieces. Most of our inventory sells faster than that, but some particular pieces require longer exposure in our showroom, as styles and demand changes regularly. Don’t fret if your items don’t sell immediately. We signed an agreement with you because we believe that someone else will enjoy having them. We will continue to promote your items at a lower price.

      How Are My Pieces Discounted Over Time?

      When we received your item, the initial price is set for the first 30 days. If your items have not sold after 30 days, the selling price will be reduced by 15%. Following the initial reduction, the items will continue to be reduced by 15% every 30 days; if the item doesn’t sell after 90 days an additional 30 day extension may be granted or you may come and pick it up. Any items not picked up after 7 days will be the property of Juniper & Oak and we will ensure it is given another use at no cost to you.

      What If I Have A Full Estate?

      We offer full estate services to help guide you through this process.

      We will arrange to visit the site and evaluate the estate items; whereby our estate experts will help to facilitate along with the family what items may be best sold for consignment, auction, or to be placed in storage. We partner with many other great companies to help with as little or as much as you may need. Contact us for more details consign@juniperandoak.ca.

      Who Handles The Logistics Of Large Furniture?

      We can take care of everything, or you can drop off yourself.

      We can arrange for a professional mover to deliver your furniture to our warehouse (fees will be applied). We polish and touch up your furniture to make it as desirable as possible. Major repairs or professional cleaning do result in additional fees, however, we will discuss these situations with you where it is necessary. Our professional stylist then arranges the pieces in showroom settings along with other quality pieces.