Why Consign When I Can Sell The Goods Myself? 

Consignment is easy and safe. You will not have to spend money on advertising or stay at home waiting for shoppers to possibly show up. Further, one of the most important things is not having strangers come to your home to view the items. Not to mention our reputation and our ability to display and sell your furniture results in a selling price which is higher than private sale or auction.

White-Glove Service

White glove means we treat the customer and their merchandise carefully from beginning to end. We do everything we can to ensure that your pieces are cared for as if they were our own! We make sure that we’re capable of taking as many items with us as possible, when we visit the home regarding furniture, and we have someone with us to assist in loading our truck. When transporting furniture, clothing, purses or jewelry, have special moving blankets, carts and dollies, clothing bags. containers or even a lock box to place them in. Our consignors wouldn't be happy if they see us tossing their items into the back of our car. The white-glove treatment goes a long way in building loyalty and trust. We offer furniture pick-up of all consigned items from your home for a nominal fee. Drop-off is available by calling to make an appointment, whereby ensuring a furniture mover is available to assist.

Return Policy

Measure twice, buy once!  All kidding aside, due to the nature of the store being vintage, one-off pieces, all sales are final. If you've got questions about measurements, if this wood will match that wood,  etc - we're happy to help you as best we can.

Donations Of Used Furniture

Due to the size of our store and our customers preferences, we can't take just anything. We're looking for good quality vintage pieces!

Can I Put Items On Hold?

Due to the nature of the store being one-off vintage pieces, and our high turnover, we're unable to hold items.

How Long Can I Store An Item That I Have Purchased?

We're happy to hang on to your new purchase while you make some space at home, but we ask that you have your item picked up within 3 days, or make arrangements for us to deliver. If you require longer term storage, we can offer storage service for a fee billed weekly. Pricing depends on the size of the piece and whether it needs to be moved off-site, so please get in touch if you have any questions!

Do We Ship Outside Of Saskatchewan?

Yes we can ship Clothing and Apparel items at the cost of the buyer. Unfortunately, at this time we're not quite set up to handle the packaging and shipping furniture and decor items outside the province, but we can work with you to help facilitate couriers to get you your new items.

How Often Do You Get New Stock?

Almost daily! We're constantly out getting new products to keep the store full. It's best to check in between Tuesdays and Fridays, as that's when we get most of our new pieces.

Do We Offer Delivery For Furniture?

We certainly do! If you're unable to transport your new purchase home, we offer a delivery service pricing depends on the piece and where it's going, but generally ranges from $75-$300 for most items. 

Who Sets The Prices

Our team has the knowledge and training to accurately price your items so that they sell as quickly as possible while getting you the best return on your consignment. In order to assist us, we welcome you to provide us with any information or details you have regarding the original purchase or provenance.

Are Employees Paid On Commission?

No, our philosophy is to allow our customers to browse freely and at their own pace. We value building trust with our customers and want to help you find that special item that you are completely happy with, rather than meet a sales target. Our team is always available to offer you decorating/styling help, interior design tips, product knowledge, and other suggestions about furnishing your home or creating your perfect look! Our team is never far away and would love to help you find your next piece of furniture, home décor item or wardrobe essential.

Our Commitment To You

Our main focus is creating the best possible experience for our customers and consignors. We understand the quality and value of the pieces you have entrusted us with as much as you. We promise to display and care for your treasures as if they were our own, as well as placing the fairest price for our customers. 

General Terms and Condition for Accepting Items

  • Items must be in excellent to mint condition (8 or 9 out of 10 at least)
  • Items must be thoroughly cleaned and in showroom ready condition
  • Unscheduled drop-offs are not permitted
  • We set the price. We do not price anything based on photos. It will be priced after the viewing & we've had a chance to assess it.
  • Ensure that it is an item that we accept